Top Tips for Staying Healthy While Dining Out

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Who doesn’t love a special meal at their favourite restaurant or catching up with some friends over a few bar bites. Eating out has become a huge part of our lifestyles and with new places to “grab lunch” opening every day the temptation is huge – in fact there are over 2,000 places to choose from in Dubai alone!


So how do you navigate the noisy restaurant landscape and help yourself stay on track?


1. Do your research.

Before you head out, look up the restaurant’s menu online and get an idea of what you want to eat before you go. This way you’ll know exactly what the healthy choices are when you sit down and you’re less likely to be swayed by what everyone else is ordering.


2. Make good choices.

Do you get to choose where you’re going for lunch? Are you in charge of dinner reservations? Opt for somewhere that naturally caters for healthy-eaters. Restaurants with a grill menu or lots of veggie-packed dishes are a good place to start. Good go to choices include Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisines, and of course, Kcal!


3. Have a plan.

If you don’t have control over where you’ll be eating, then you can still order what you fancy, just be aware of portion sizes. If you know they serve large plates then ask for a half portion, or take half home with you for tomorrow's dinner.


4. Don’t let yourself go hungry.

If you’ve spent all day sipping water so you don’t ruin a special meal later by over eating in the day then when you order, you’ll be more likely to choose fried, sugary, or fatty dishes – not good. Try and eat a couple of light meals and a few snacks throughout the day.


5. Be mindful of your food.

Meals out should be about socialising with friends and family, not focusing on your phone, so don’t be that person. Scrolling through your phone while you’re sat down to a meal (out or at home for that matter) can lead to overeating without realising. Try focus on the food in front of you – and the conversation around you – so you’re aware of when you feel full.


It’s all about making smart, healthy choices. If you can do that you’re well on your way!

The information provided through these articles is for educational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
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