Weekly Order

Welcome to your Weekly Order! Here you can make sure you get your Kcal fix every day of the week without having to worry about it.
Maybe you’re sick of canteen food and want something with a whole lot more flavour for lunch, or you’ve had enough of food shopping and you want your dinners sorted. Or simply, you love Kcal and want to have it every day, like we do!

Placing your Weekly Order is really simple, all you have to do is:

  • Select how many days you want food delivered (between 3 and 14 days).
  • Choose which days you want it delivered (you have a 15 day window).
  • Pick what dishes you want delivered each day.
  • Let us know where you want it delivered (this has to be the same address for the whole order) and what time.
  • Choose to either pay online or pay cash on delivery (the whole order must be paid up front).
  • Enjoy your meals!

Note that Weekly Orders can only be made online and cannot be combined with any offers, promo codes or discounts.

How many days do you require the food?

Decrease days 3 Days Increase days
Remember, you have to order for between 3 and 14 days.

When do you want your orders delivered?

You will receive your meals on the following days: