Your favourites, healthier.

We’re Kcal and we know what we’re talking about when it comes to food and nutrition. We’re here to help you live your best life, way beyond the walls of our restaurant or the chiller bags of our meal plans.

Kcal: The Original Healthy Food Restaurant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We are Kcal: an innovative healthy food company in Dubai making a sustainable, healthy lifestyle possible, without compromising on taste or convenience.

We believe in transparency and so we make sure that you can see exactly what goes into your food; from the macros and calories to quality ingredients with no added nasties our mission is simple: to make the world a better place through wholesome, tasty food and outstanding service. Our menu boasts a selection of dishes inspired by our multicultural hometown, Dubai.

Humble Beginnings of the Healthy Food Restaurant in Dubai

Since 2010, when Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann opened their first Kcal restaurant in JLT, we have been on a mission to prove that “healthy” is so much more than just your calorie count. It’s about getting up, getting moving, being positive and making lasting lifestyle changes.

We started with healthy food delivery in JLT, Dubai and have since grown to Abu Dhabi – but we won’t stop; we are now planning to expand beyond the Middle East and spread the healthy message across the world. As it stands today, we have eight restaurants offering dine in, delivery and takeaway. So whether you want juice delivery in Dubai, you’re craving one of our delicious wraps and sandwiches in Abu Dhabi, or want to dig into a delicious salad delivery in Dubai, we have exactly what you’re in the mood for and so much more.

Eat Well & Feel Good About Yourself – That’s What We Want!

We aren’t just another salad restaurant and we do more than just sandwiches and wraps. We dedicate our time and passions to creating a menu of mouth-watering healthy food delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to satisfy all your cravings by cooking up your favourite dishes, we’ve just made them healthier!

We Deliver Excellent Quality, Delicious & Wholesome Food at The Right Price

Our chefs and team of nutritionists have hand-picked an extensive menu of some of the finest dishes from around the world and only use the freshest ingredients to ensure every dish is perfect and packed with flavour. We follow a strict ‘no-fry policy,’ leaving our food packed with all the good nutrients and none of the empty calories. Our healthy snacks are gluten free and sugar free not to mention the selection of vegan dishes to choose from. We prepare every single snack and dish to give you the perfect ratio of proteins, carbs, healthy fats and essential minerals and vitamins – and they’re all on our menu so you can make sure.

Order Healthy Food in Dubai – Contact Kcal

If a healthy, nutritious meal is what you’re looking for, that’s all that we do! From bowls and bites to salads and wraps we’ve got it all. Order your healthy food in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and have wholesome, nutritious, honest favourites delivered to your door.

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