Kcal is an innovative food and lifestyle company, dedicated to changing the fast food industry as we know it and bringing the world optimal wellness through good, wholesome and healthy food.

If you like the idea of radically changing the fast food industry and making a profound difference to the health and wellness of others, then you’ve come to the right place. Never before has there been such a drive towards being healthy and living long, active lives. Healthy is cool, fresh and not some passing fad… rather the direction the entire food industry is heading. Enter Kcal’s franchise division, which gives you the opportunity to run your own restaurant with a fast-growing, proven business model and the comprehensive support of other passionate entrepreneurs.

This is a great opportunity to become a part of the successful Kcal story, establish your own business and make a real difference to the community around you. The Kcal franchise system offers a premium brand with a loyal following, along with robust systems, tested procedures and extensive training and support.

Could you be the perfect partner?

At Kcal, we have the recipe for success and are determined to empower you with outstanding knowledge, resources and support to run your own thriving venture.

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