3 Ways to Put Movement Back into your Day

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Have you ever stopped to look around at how little people do on a day to day basis? If you’ve even taken your children to a park, or a birthday party at one of those trampoline places and noticed how few adults participate in the activities? Or how few of your co-workers actually leave to go for a walk or take time to stretch on their lunch breaks.


According to the United States’ President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, less than 5 percent of adults actually participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. That means that less than 5% of us are getting enough movement throughout our day and as a result are suffering from decreased energy, mood swings, increased anxiety, loss of sleep and much more.


When you think back to being a childhow much did you enjoy break times and having a chance to run around, or taking part in sports after school. So at what age did it suddenly become that exercise had to be some scheduled structured event that feels more like a dreaded chore than a break to play?


Why not find a way to inject some of that fun into being a grown up?!


Work out at work:

You’re probably not the only one craving a little bit of fun movement, maybe it’s time to initiate a wellness program at your company. You could start a virtual 5k , or instead of sitting in a conference room, take a walking meeting with co-workers, or simply lead by example by setting a timer at your desk and getting up to do some stretches.


Get the family involved:

Think of it less as exercise and more of a spontaneous dance party in the living room with your kids/dogs! If having a boogie isn’t really your scene you could try and fit in a post- dinner family walk, or a Nerf gun fight in your backyard, in fact, why not get chores done by having a dish- washing push-up challenge – who ever loses is on dish duty!


Join in on volunteer activities:

There are so many wonderful activities and organizations out there to get us up and moving. You could help plant some trees, clean up litter on the beaches, help build houses, or get your friends together and do a 5k!


Whatever the activity, make the priority how much fun you’re having and not how many calories you’re burning. Make the most of the cooler months by getting yourself outdoors, there are so many fun things on offer around the UAE before it’s time to start finding ways to hide from the heat!

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