What to do this month - July

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Get Active, Stay Cool

Dubai Sports World is back for another year of cool indoor sports activities over three action packed months of sporting moments and thrills. Spread over more than 25,000 sq.m. of air-conditioned play areas, Dubai Sports World offers sports, academic coaching for all ages and a range of activities and fitness programs.

So if you’re a recreational athlete, a professional or a spectator head down to Dubai World Trade Centre from June to September for friendly matches and ultimate showdowns.

Dubai Sports World is organised by Dubai World Trade Centre in association with Dubai Sports Council.

See what’s on offer by checking out their website.


You Must be Having a Laugh!

Schools out and with the temperatures at an all time high keeping the kids entertained is nothing short of a mission. Fear not! Dubomedy has put together a series of Youth Comedy Workshops starting on the 29th June each student will learn the basics of improv comedy, classic skits and benefit from individual attention and guidance to create their own unique 3-minute comedy set which will be performed in a final showcase!

It’s a great opportunity for kids between 11 and 14 years old to make new friends, laugh a lot and let their personalities shine! The workshops are taught by a professional comedian with over 12 years of comedy coaching experience. So you can rest assured they are in safe, if not humourous, hands.

For more information or to register, drop a quick email to LOL@Dubomedy.com

Chill Out!

Get your hiking boots (and your ski jacket) on and prepare to climb the slopes of Ski Dubai! The Gulf for Good Snow Hikes that take place over the summer are a great way to begin building up your fitness levels, working out both your legs and lungs. The group will be hiking up and down the main slope – and don’t worry you can peel off at any time if you can’t hike for the full hour.


If there are some trekking and high altitude challenges in your future then this is a unique opportunity to try out your gear (hiking boots, poles etc.) as well as building up your mountain walking muscles in cooler temperatures.


The session is open to everyone over 16 years you just have to let them know you're coming by registering online  and making your payment of AED 50 (this goes towards supporting the work of Gulf for Good).

For more information check out their website

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