Get a Taste for Nutrition with the Best Healthy Food Delivery in Dubai

Been on the lookout for healthier, wholesome food choices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but do not want to get stuck with boring, tasteless meals? Don't worry! Kcal has got you covered!

Welcome to our innovative healthy food restaurant based in the heart of Dubai and reaching far and wide across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are a team of goal-driven fitness freaks who just want to make it possible for you to attain an amazing and healthy lifestyle without breaking a sweat or losing your taste buds for the sake of it. So if you are on the lookout for the best healthy food delivery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then Kcal is just where you should be!

Introducing the Concept of Healthy Eating in Dubai!

Kcal was founded in 2010 by two friends Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann who had a thing for fitness and tasty, healthy food snacks - and were clearly disappointed by the lack of it. That is when they decided to initiate their first Kcal diet restaurant in Dubai.

For us, being healthy means much more than counting calories. It means to get moving, being productive and positive, and creating better lifestyles. We want to change the dynamics of the food industry in Dubai by introducing nutritious, power-packed snacks, and meal plans in Dubai. And we do not want to stop until we spread this message all over the Middle East!

We also understand that a busy routine can compel you to make poor food choices with all that grease, sugar, and nasty additives. Kcal brings an amazing range of exquisite mouthwatering treats for you that include refreshing juices, sandwiches and wraps, tempting salads, healthy desserts in Dubai and even healthy breakfasts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so you need not worry about having to spend your precious time in prepping meals.

Refuel your Senses and Power Lift your Body with our
Extremely Appetizing & Nutritious Diet Plans in Dubai

The team at Kcal comprises of top chefs and nutritionists who are passionate about and dedicated to creating an exotic menu of power-packed foods with the perfect balance of all the nutrients that you need to get in that protein zone. Not only that, we also guarantee delicious flavors to satisfy your cravings.

We only use the freshest ingredients that are 100atural without any additives or enhancers. Our foods are gluten and sugar-free and we also provide a number of vegan meals. Our goal is to help you know what goes into your mouth and therefore, offer perfect transparency to our customers.

Order Healthy Food in Dubai Right Away

It is perfectly fine to crave cakes and desserts, sandwiches, fresh salads, or heavenly shakes. Choose what you want to eat from our extensive range of delicious dishes and drinks and order through a single click. We will deliver your order at your location within no time so that you do not have to jeopardize your health anymore.

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