A warm welcome from Kcal and a sincere thank you for your interest in the Kcal brand.

Kcal is an innovative food and lifestyle company, dedicated to changing the fast food industry as we know it and bringing the world optimal wellness through good, wholesome and healthy food. We have enjoyed phenomenal success to date and are passionate about expanding the brand to reach as many communities as possible, worldwide. Through the Kcal franchise model and with entrepreneurs who share our vision, we can make this possible.

We hope that this information pack will provide you with an overview of our franchise opportunities and encourage you to become a valued addition of the Kcal team. After reviewing the details provided along with our website and if able, a visit to one of our outlets, we invite you to complete our online application form.

We look forward to hearing from you in the hope that your desire to own a Kcal franchise will result in a long and rewarding relationship.

The Kcal Story

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Dubai, Kcal is the brain child of two passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs, Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann. After leaving the gym one evening, there was just one thing on their minds – food – but they were at a loss for options given that all around them were regular fast food chains, lacking nutritious, healthy, calorie-controlled menus. A good old lightbulb moment followed and the Kcal seed was planted.

Kcal’s mission on launch – which remains as strong today as it did then – is to offer delicious, high quality and nutrient-rich foods with an extensive menu that goes beyond the stereotypical salads, wraps and sandwiches and instead, features mouth-watering favourites inspired from the world over. With hearty home-cooked dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients and cooked with the most healthy cooking methods, we ensure that every Kcal dish remains 100% compatible with today’s drive towards healthy lifestyles. Each dish is under 300 calories and our menu clearly states the nutritional information for all the world to see.

Kcal is more than just a foodie company. Kcal embodies a lifestyle that caters for all those who want to eat well and feel good about themselves. Fast food needn’t be boring or restrictive. Quite the opposite because with Kcal, you don’t need to sacrifice the food you love to be healthy. We’re passionate about conveying this message, which lies at our very core.

Kcal has grown through passion, perseverance and excitement. To date, the company has expanded privately throughout Dubai, serving thousands of healthy meals each day and has successfully developed two more divisions;Kcal Extra (bespoke monthly meal plans) and Kcal Healthy Catering.

Levels of obesity and diabetes continue to rise and the resulting need for companies that take a direct approach to combat them, will continue to rise in line with them.

This is a great opportunity to become a part of the successful Kcal story, establish your own business and make a real difference in revolutionising the fast food industry & changing lifestyles for the better.

The Kcal franchise system offers a premium brand with a loyal following, along with robust systems, tested procedures and comprehensive training and support.

The Kcal Franchise Process

Below is a brief overview of the timeline for the Kcal franchising process. Step one commences on completion and submission of our online application form. For further information, please email us at [email protected]

  1. Qualification 1 -2 weeks
  2. Feasibility Study 1-2 weeks
  3. Business Plan construction 2-3 weeks
  4. Official meeting with owners
  5. Agreement stage 2-3 weeks
  6. Full preparation to grow Ongoing

Who Makes an Ideal Kcal Franchisee?

Owning your own business within the food industry is exciting and rewardingyet requires hard work and commitment. As a Kcal franchisee, you need to be passionate about people, customer service and healthy living. You’ll be running your own business but with the support and systems of the Kcal brand. Whilst each application is evaluated on individual merit, below are the key criteria we consider:

  • *An affinity with food. You need to be a true foodie. Our proven franchise model will provide you with a high turnover and a positive ROI however, it is essential for a Kcal franchisee to love the food that they prepare and believe in the Kcal product range.Kcal’s path to success has been through expert knowledge of food and a creative flair for creating healthy popular dishes. Healthy food equals a healthy business and that’s the way Kcal will stay. Our training systems provide you with detailed knowledge of our food, the benefits, nutrition, and preparation and of course the hygiene standards that we diligently maintain.
  • *A hardworking and dedicated attitude. Kcal, whilst a proven formula, requires commitment, passion and the continual attentionof the franchisee to operate and manage the business.
  • *Customer focus. We have a loyal customer base and it is our duty to cater to their needs. Customer satisfaction is Kcal’s priority.
  • *Organisational and management skills. The ability to delegate and strong operational skills are a necessity in order to deal with staff, organise rosters and to attend to the general running of a Kcal restaurant.
  • *Creativity, flair and character. Just as our restaurants have an in-built atmosphere, we seek people who can transmit the same good feeling to our customers. People come to Kcal for a reason and part of that reason should be you!
  • *A strongdesire to develop and innovate. In order to serve the needs of our customers, we keep up to date with food and industry trends and continually evolve our menus. In keeping with Kcal’s concept, it is expected that franchisees will appreciate these needs and implement what is required. The importance of innovation should be understood and recognised as a key part of Kcal’s growth.
  • *Basic accounting and financial acumen. To be able to successfully undertake and run your own business, a franchisee will be required to have some understanding of financial planning and control.
  • *Financial security. It is assumed that at least 80% of the business will be funded by personal assets and cash. An over-geared business places undue stress on a franchisee with a consequential loss in focus.
  • *Other criteria considered include an entrepreneurial outlook, the willingness to learn and be a team player, food service experience and an understanding of how franchising works, excellent communication skills and alignment with Kcal’s brand values.

The Next Steps

Simply complete and return the Kcal Franchise Application Form.We will be in touch with you to confirm receipt and evaluate your application thereafter. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at:

Kcal International Limited
ATTN: Franchising Department
P.O.Box 391150, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 00971 4 434 4111
Email: [email protected]