The Ultimate List of Unique Resolutions

December 14, 2019 in in Lifestyle

Every year when January 1st rolls around, we make numerous promises to ourselves that we’ll do better, eat better, work out more. It never really lasts. New Year Resolutions have come to be synonymous with weight loss but there are so many other things you could commit to doing along side creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

So what will you focus on? Here are 40 awesome things to put on your list for 2020:

1. Start doing yoga at a local studio.
2. Train for a race or challenge.
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
4. Quit smoking.
5. Learn a new language.
6. Push for a promotion at work.
7. Find ways to face your fears.
8. Try a new activity or workout at least once a month.
9. Meditate every morning to reduce stress.
Learn new stress management techniques.
10. Take an online course in something that interests you.
11. Try a new thing every month.
12. Join online communities that interest you.
13. Start the business you’ve always dreamed of.
14. Create a budget and stick to it.
15. Stretch everyday and improve flexibility.
16. Introduce yourself with your neighbours and become more involved in the community.
17. Participate in environmental clean ups.
18. Get more rest and improve sleeping habits.
19. Be on your phone less when around friends, family and colleagues.
20. Learn about the stock market and start investing.
21. Connect with a pen-pal.
Hire a personal trainer or find a gym buddy to keep you accountable.
22. Do something creative everyday.
23. Join a toastmasters group and improve your speaking skills.
24. Volunteer with various charities.
25. Start recycling and reducing your waste.
26. Take a wilderness survival course.
27. Declutter your home once a month.
28. Learn a new skill.
29. Disconnect from social media and technology at least once a month.
30. Drink more water and less caffeine.
31. Give up sugar.
32. Start a savings account.
33. Practice self-care at least once a day.
34. Give up negative self talk and start using positive affirmations.
35. Detox your personal and household products, swap to more eco-friendly products.
36. Reach out to an old friend and reconnect.
37. Start a 365 challenge.
38. Pack healthy lunches and eat out less (or get your meals delivered and make things really easy).

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director

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