Kcal-ised Ramadan

March 8, 2023 in Lifestyle

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and so is Kcal Ramadan plan by Chef Hala. Our Ramadan plan ensures you are offered healthy authentic dishes that are well balanced for Iftar and Suhoor, stress-free, saving your time spent thinking about what to have or even thinking about their preparation. This allows you to have more time to incorporate physical activities and exercises to your day so you maintain your muscle mass as you will be fasting for long periods of time. Having your Iftar and Suhoor pre-prepared and portioned for you helps you stay aligned with your health goals and work on your growth both spiritually and physically in this holy month. You can also check out our blog for more information about HEALTHY PORTIONING DURING RAMADAN.

Our plan will satisfy your nostalgic taste buds which will take you back to the traditional meals you used to have with your family during Ramadan with a twist to Kcal-ise them to be well balanced and nutritious. The diversity of our employees and their different cultural backgrounds made us gather some of their favorite dishes during Ramadan and include them in this year’s plan. Here are some of what we got: Beef Ouzi, Chicken Mulukhiyah, Shrimp Kebsa, White Fish Sayadiah, Bechamel Beef Pasta and many more.

For iftar, we provide dates which are the traditional food to break the fast in a healthy way and they are a quick energy booster. We also provide our in-house made yogurt drink known as Laban which is a rich probiotic that assists and aids with digestion alleviating discomfort that might be caused due to eating after fasting for very long time. Alongside these we offer a soup and an antioxidant rich juice, that are essential for hydration and packed with nutrients that boost the immunity. Examples of some of our Ramadan soups are: Hearty Vegetable, Harrira and Red Lentil soup. Also, some examples of our juices: Orange Kick, Melon Berry, and Red Smoothie juice.

The main dish for Iftar will be packed with protein and carbs as protein is essential for muscle synthesis and promotes satiety; carbs on the other hand are necessary because they are the main and first sources of fuel to the body. This energy is very much needed by the body especially after Iftar when the prayers and spiritual practices take place. Additionally, our Ramadan plan includes a daily sweet snack that is healthy and guilt free to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. A lot of these Levantine area sweets will sound and taste familiar but of course they are kcal-ised, like: Oats Bil Haleeb, Umm Ali and Kunafa Cheesecake. Moreover, the plan also has a variety of fruits and vegetables which consists of the important sources of vitamins and fibers.

Moving to Suhoor, which one should not skip at all, as it is an important source of energy for the next morning and delays the feeling of hunger while fasting. That’s why our Suhoor has a variety of protein and carb rich items. Some of our Suhoor options are Protein Bread with Halloumi and Labneh, Baked Falafel, and Date Caramel Espresso Overnight Oats. This holy month is all about seeking a deeper connection with God and becoming the best version of one’s self, so why miss the chance to do so on all levels including physical too. Ramadan Kareem!

Written by Caroline Kolanjian | Nutritionist, Kcal
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