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March 18, 2021 in in Lifestyle

Mostly everybody is a fan of road trips, especially when it is a long weekend! It is the perfect way to get away from the daily stress of work and assignments and is the best way to spend some time with either our loved ones or just ourselves. We can choose from many places for a long weekend getaway, but some of them are just beyond explanation!

Five road trip getaways in the UAE perfect for long weekends are:

Ajman: Take a kayak voyage in the mangroves with your family or alone in the natural water beauty of Ajman! Enjoy the cool temperature and delicious food packed with beast mode nutrition while making the most of the beautiful sight of flamingos and kingfishers. This is a perfect weekend getaway with a picnic environment, best to be visited by family and friends.
Fujairah: One of the most beautiful locations in The UAE, Fujairah is the perfect destination to visit with your family and friends. The spectacular roads and scenic beauty, make Fujairah the ideal road trip. From the state of the famous golden falcon to Snoopy Island, this place has everything fun to offer!
Sharjah: If you are a fan of culture, heritage, and history, Sharjah is your perfect long weekend destination. Enjoy the beautiful museums and the art of Sharjah, with its everlasting tale of civilization. Sharjah is a mesmerizing beauty full of artifacts, architecture, and archaeological treasures!
Abu Dhabi: For all party lovers, Abu Dhabi is the place! Beaming with city lights and a night full of partying and dancing, enjoy your Friday night partying on an island! The island is not very far from the UAE capital and is undoubtedly the ideal hub for all party animals.
Al-Ain: The UNESCO world heritage site, Al Ain, is about a 2-hour drive from Dubai. It is the perfect weekend destination if you want to escape city life for a while, leaving the skyscrapers behind and enjoy the lush greenery and the incredible biodiversity! Al-Ain is surely one of those places where you can head for a solo trip, give yourself the time you require, and enjoy all by yourself!

The United Arab Emirates is a hidden gem full of incredible places that satisfy every age group and personality type. From religious centers to party places, UAE has it all! Make the most out of a long weekend coming your way by planning your next road trip from one of these places. Enjoy this weekend get away with either family, friends, or just by yourself!

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director

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