The All-New Kcal Booster Shots: The Key to Immunity in 2022

January 4, 2022 in Food

Happy New Year from Kcal!

With the winter season officially upon us, it’s fairly common to feel a sniffle or two coming on or a little niggle in the throat this time of year. In addition to eating healthy, it’s important to keep your immunity in check by making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to stay on top of your game every day. Luckily, we’re here to help you sail through the seasonal blues with our newest, limited-edition Booster Shots.

Since you loved our original Super Shot Yellow Edition packed with Vitamin C-rich ingredients, we launched two potent shots that will keep you going throughout the winter and the pandemic. Loaded with superfoods such as goji berries, ginger and spirulina to name a few, these tiny but mighty shots are designed to keep you healthy from the inside and out. Since our team of dedicated nutritionists know what it takes to keep you in top form, we curated two shots that encompass it all: from keeping illness at bay to ensuring your body AND mind are at peak capacity and more. Dive right into healthy goodness as you discover the newest kids on the Kcal block.

Super Shot Green Edition: If we told you that an immunity booster is the key to achieving supple skin and healthy hair, would you believe us? Because it’s true! A fantastic source of iron, magnesium and vitamins, the Green Edition immunity booster is a great way to get your greens in. Featuring ingredients such as green apple juice, fresh coconut water and spirulina, this refreshing drink keeps you hydrated, improves digestion and skin healthy and moisturized. It also aids in improving muscle health and endurance—ready for yours?

Super Shot Red Edition: The eyes are the jewels of the body and our gateway to the world around us. The right mix of vitamins and nutrients will keep your eyes healthy while also providing immune system support. Enter the Super Shot Red Edition. Bursting with flavour, this little booster is abundant in vitamin-rich ingredients such as beetroot, carrot and goji berry powder that help with weight management, improve sleep quality and protect against serious illnesses and diseases. Just like the Green Edition booster, this one’s great for your skin, too. This punch-packing shot is a must-have on the daily!

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