8 ways to improve body fat percentage

March 16, 2021 in in Food

To balance café style food and healthy supplements in a way that allows us to enjoy our favorite snack and isn’t too harsh on our waistline is something we are all concerned of.

Especially when the holiday season is around, temptations kick in. However, the guilt slowly kicks in too! Which is why the best way to deal with this constant battle of healthy and junk is by maintaining a good body fat percentage.

Let us discuss 8 efficient ways to improve your body fat percentage:

Cut down on refined carbs: Cutting down on refined carbs like bread and pasta has been shown to reduce excess body fat.
Strength training with cardio: Start training through aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Lifting weights helps build your muscle strength and lose extra fat. Cardio, again, is the best way to lose those extra inches.
Include healthy fats in your meals: Healthy fats are beneficial for your body and improve your satiety levels. This means, you will feel full for longer period of time and therefore preventing hunger and overeating.
High protein diet: Having a diet rich in protein like beef, chicken and fish has been shown to reduce body fat. Protein, like fat, improves your satiety levels.
Eat often: Don’t minimize your meals, instead, split them into more frequent ones. Having three good meals and two healthy snacks helps reduces your cravings by balancing your blood sugar levels.
Get adequate sleep: Now this is the best part of this article! Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep regulates your appetite hormones.
Drink as much water as you can: Water is very important in our diet: it helps flushing out all toxins and prevents you from overeating. When not drinking enough water, your brain confuses between hunger and thirst, so you may think you’re hungry but your body is just thirsty.
Be consistent with your diet: you can’t decide to eat healthy today and take a break tomorrow. Consistency is key to seeing good results.

Try these tips and we are sure you will see tremendous results in reducing your body fat percentage!

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director

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