4 Foods That Help Reduce Your Bloating

May 23, 2021 in Food

Bloating is caused by excess gas production or disturbance in the bowel movement. Simply said, bloating is due to the excessive amounts of solids, liquids or gas in the digestive system. However, in this article we will be targeting bloating that is caused by water retention and microbial gut imbalance.

The following are foods you can include to help with your recurrent bloating;

1- Cucumber
Those are vegetables that are packed with water that will help flush out excess sodium and consequently lower your belly bloat. Not to forget, cucumbers are known for their anti-inflammatory effect which will help reduce the swelling. Have your cucumbers as snacks with dips and add them with each meal.

2- Yogurt
Yogurt are rich in probiotics that help regulate your gut microbes. Therefore, probiotics aid in digestion, promote gut health and thus, prevent bloating.

3- Asparagus
Asparagus are well known for their diuretics property that will help flush out water and salt and in turn reduces the bloating.

4- Banana
They are potassium rich and thus, aid in preventing water retention. Make yourself a smoothie with bananas or have it before your workout.

If you are experiencing bloating frequently, always consult your healthcare practitioner to identify the root causes. Added to that, macros ae Dubai aim to walk more frequently, eat slowly and avoid sugar alcohols.

Written by Rym Timani, Kcal Nutritionist
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