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Measuring up health-conscious meal delivery services

" The past month has been an education. I have gone from 91kg to 79kg (a 12kg drop) and from 16 to 9 per cent body fat - I can even see my abs. I look better, feel better, my clothes fit properly and I've found a new favourite takeaway menu. "

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On the hunt for a healthy meal in the UAE

" Not only are all the dishes on the menu at Kcal (from the beef burger and whole-wheat bun to the sweet banana sushi with chocolate sauce) calorie controlled, they are also approved by registered nutritionists who work closely with the chefs to perfect every dish. Each gram of protein, carbohydrate and fat is counted and all our food is grilled or baked, never fried. "

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" When you fancy a night out of the kitchen, eating healthily can be a challenge in Dubai. Home deliveries often present a lack of healthy options, whilst heading out for dinner leaves us with post-meal heaviness and guilt. So when we heard about the eat-in and delivery options at Kcal in Jumeirah Lake Towers - advertised as 'healthy fast food' - we immediately picked up the phone to order lunch "

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Fuelling up for fight school

" My yoga teacher, Liz, always says our bodies are amazing. Now I really believe that's true. It never fails to amaze me how I can feel so drained one minute, then feed my body the right fuel and - bam - it's ready to go again. This has been a lesson for life. Eat small, eat often, eat well, or as Kcal says: "Eat well, be well". "

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We test diet deliveries in Dubai

" Within the 28 days of the plan, I lost 3.4kg and that was without exercise. The plan made me realise that the portions I used to eat were too large. The best thing was the hours saved by not having to shop, wash dishes or wake up early to prepare my food. If I add the cost of take-aways/eating out and impulse buys to my normal grocery bill, I would save money on the plan. The support from the consultant was top-notch. "

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Newzglobe goes on a healty undercover mission!

" Although you get to choose more specified meals with live'ly the food at Kcal feels more healthy and customized after your specific needs. Both providing very good service but you feel more attended to and pampered at kcal due to the constant checkups and availability of all the people contributing to your meal plan, from account manager to nutritionists. Kcal also feels more concerned about achieving results rather than just a food delivery service First impressions are always hard to shake and if you need professional people to guide you to a new lifestyle you WILL need that extra pushing and you WILL need that those people telling you what to eat and how to live healthy are actually following it themselves. So to sum it all up, both meal plans delivered well and worked, but there is only one we were truly amazed by in quality, taste and service. Kcal is really addictive but in the best possible way and Live'ly has got some good competition! "

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" Absolutely love this place. I did their meal plan for 30 days, lost 7 kg in one month, unfortunately at the end of the month I moved house and got a new job....and did not renew for the following month! Really wished I had but will get back to it. "

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Zero to hero: The Kcal success story

" In 2010, two friends were leaving the gym one evening but couldn't think of anywhere to go for dinner that wouldn't ruin their two hour workout... and the seeds of the Kcal empire were sown. WEALTH sat down with cofounder Mark Carroll to hear about the highs and lows of the ride so far... "

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Overindulged and feeling guilty? Shift the holiday weight with this convenient meal plan.

" Review: Kcal Extra Overindulged and feeling guilty? Shift the holiday weight with this convenient meal plan. by Lily Lawes Kcal Extra could be just the thing to kick start a healthier 2014. I spent a week trying out the meal plan to see whether it's just another diet fad, or something that could really make me rethink my lifestyle choices in a city full of temptation. What happens? After a consultation at Kcal HQ with the lovely Dona, I was put on the Success Plan. The consultation involved some questions about my usual diet, and some weighing and measuring to check my body composition (muscle mass, body fat mass - yikes! - and even body water). As depressing as the results were, it was a much-needed wake up call, and meant that my meal plan could be tailored exactly to my personal profile. I was also asked which foods I don't like, so that there would be no unpleasant surprises. My plan was geared towards losing weight, and it gave me between 1,000 and 1,300 calories per day. I was a little panicked at the thought of so few calories, but learning that I would get three meals and two snacks each day was reassuring - I could eat every two to three hours, phew! The plan was also high in protein and low in carbs, something I struggle to engineer myself when it comes to creating meals. But with plenty of fresh salad and steamed vegetables, and generous portions of chicken, fish and red meat, I didn't miss carbs at all on the plan. The food Each morning, a cooler bag filled with the day's meals is delivered to your home or office, eliminating the need for grocery shopping, food planning or even cooking. In one week there's a lot of variety, with both sweet and savoury breakfasts, ranging from fresh strawberries with oats to a broccoli and mushroom frittata. Lunches and dinners ranged from tasty soups to marinated fish, chicken or beef with leafy salads and a variety of veggies. Snacks were a very pleasant surprise, with enough naughtiness to satisfy cravings: strawberries and kiwi buried in chocolate, sundried tomato feta with cucumber, cookies and even chicken nuggets. What else? It's not just about weight-loss; Kcal can be tailored to help you bulk up, maintain a balanced diet while training for an event, or simply adopt a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Meal plans can be taken for five, six or seven days a week, so if you can't face the idea of going a whole week without a treat day, you can enjoy the weekends guilt-free. It goes without saying, however, that the more you indulge on those off-plan days, the less beneficial the plan will be. On Kcal you are encouraged to incorporate exercise with the reduced-calorie plan. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough energy to play a netball match or get through training in the evenings, but I actually found quite the opposite. Cutting the carbs made me feel less sluggish, and the snacks gave enough of a sugar rush to see me through. Any cons? With any meal plan there's little room for spontaneity - any deviations could cancel out the benefits. You'll also need to factor in drinks - full-fat soft drinks and grande lattes add heavily to the calorie count, so if you want the plan to work as well as possible, you might want to cut these out. How much does it cost? Prices start at Dhs.2,450 per month for a 5-day plan. If you're the type of person that orders plenty of takeaways, buys lunch every day and eats out often, you might even find this is cheaper than your normal lifestyle. What's the verdict? In just one week I saw a difference and lost 1.1kg. The best thing about Kcal Extra is the convenience, as well as knowing that what's in the bag is all you need to get through the day. All of the thought and anxiety that goes into dieting - daydreaming about bad foods, feeling guilty about snacking, desperately justifying little lapses in willpower - are unnecessary. Eat the contents of the bag as instructed and you can't go wrong. Not only does Kcal take an extra hassle out of busy working days, it takes all the misery out of dieting. "

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Healthy Fast Food

" We are all conscious of what we eat and with the fight against obesity in the UAE reaching an all time high Kcal launched their initiative at just the right time. I am ashamed to say that it has taken me until now to actually get round to visiting one of their outlets. In my defense I did try to visit the Tecom branch when it opened but I couldn't get parked, and I have visited their Jumeirah Lake Towers outlet twice this week, and it won't be the last time either. Kcal is well and truly on my regular list of places to dine for various reasons. "

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Andreas Borgmann on City 7 Dubai

" Watch Andreas Borgmann, founder & Co-CEO of Kcal HEalthy Fast Food, on City 7 Dubai talking about how Kcal started. "

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Healthy can be Delicious, too!

" Kcal finally opened in Egypt! And you know what that means. We’ll be stocking up on delicious treats from now on! "

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Kcal Finally Opens In Cairo

" Kcal Healthy Fast food, the number one healthy fast food chain in Dubai has finally made it’s way to Egyptwith it’s Grand Opening on Saturday the 21st of February. "

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