Masks for Running

October 19, 2020 in in Fitness

As we continue to adapt to the new normal and life begins to start moving again the majority of the country is still observing quarantine procedures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. One such measure that’s still in place is the wearing of face masks when out in public.
But while cloth face masks can keep you shielded on a walk, or quick trip to the grocery store, not all of these masks are designed for physical activity. Generic cloth masks aren’t always breathable, and worse, they can irritate or chaff the skin. They’re often heavy and saggy, and can fall off if not secured tightly, defeating the whole point of wearing a mask in the first place.
Thankfully though, there are a number of manufacturers designing face masks specifically for running, cycling and working out, so you can stay safe and fit.
The best face masks for running, cycling or working out should keep you safe, comfortable and dry. Here are a few important things to look for when choosing a workout mask:
In the same way you choose your workout clothes, you want to choose masks made from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials. The best masks for working out will keep any sweat away from your face to keep you dry and comfortable. You’ll also want masks with a bit of stretch in them, look for words like “elastane” or “spandex” on the tag. This ensures that your mask stays flexible and stays put, moving with you on your run rather than sliding off.
Opt for breathable materials, so you’ll never feel suffocated even when the fabric is over your nose and mouth.
Whether you’re on a jog or bike ride, you’ll be in motion, so you want a face mask with a snug fit. Face masks that tie on using elastic straps around the ear are great, but make sure you adjust the straps to keep the mask tight around the mouth.
Before you head out on your next run or ride, make sure you pick up one of these masks, to keep you and others safe, even if you’re breaking a sweat. There are also masks (or “gaiters”) that fit around your neck, letting you pull up the material over the mouth or balaclava-style coverings that can be worn like a hood, with an extra section that covers your face as well.

What ever you choose to use make sure you’re staying safe, protecting yourself and others around you an always maintain a 2m distance from others.

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director
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