How to Spot a Fad Diet

March 28, 2021 in in Lifestyle

Social media has bombarded us with fad diets. The “quick fixes” might sound great and what you are looking for, but achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it is a long journey. To succeed, you have to stick to a sustainable lifestyle and include healthy habits every day. Fad diets are harmful to your health; they alter your metabolism and deprive your body of adequate nutrients.

So next time you get excited by a weight loss program, Hello chef dubai look closely at its components so you can tell if it’s just another fad diet or a healthy weight management plan. The following are some red flags that indicate a fad diet:

It Has a Specific Beginning and End

Statements like “Loss weight in one week” indicate that the plan won’t teach you how to make changes that you can stick to. Successful weight management is a lifestyle; it prepares you to adapt to new habits.

It Promises Fast Weight Loss

Losing 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week is a healthy goal; any promise for faster weight loss will lead to water loss and muscles, which will subsequently alter your metabolism.

It Advertises That You’ll Lose Weight in a Specific Area of The Body

Losing weight in a designated area is a matter of genetics and can’t be determined by how and when you eat.

It Cuts Out a Specific Food Group

Removing any major food group like carbs or fat will deprive you of the major nutrients your body needs. A well-balanced and healthy diet with a variety of food is what you have to aim for.

You Always Feel Tired and Low in Energy

Finally, the most prominent alert you have to consider is how you feel after sticking to a diet. If you feel tired, moody, or sleepy, then this diet is not working for you.

The major problem with fad diets is that they sometimes work, and here you get trapped by the weight you have lost. However, fad diets are almost always unsustainable over the long run; making the person feel miserable and losing weight is awful and full of suffering. If you are still unsure what the right eating plan is for you, consider consulting a dietitian or nutritionist, which will create a regimen that matches your lifestyle.

Written by Reem Timani, Kcal Nutritionist

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