Beauty Essentials

March 18, 2021 in in Lifestyle

Every person strives for the perfect face, stunningly done hair and flawless skin. There are a few beauty essentials that every person must have in their beauty regime, and those are the exact things we will be discussing today!

Adequate water in your system: The first beauty essential is not a product, but a substance. Water is the most vital commodity that one shall consume to achieve the epitome of beauty. Water helps burn calories, and you will often come across articles terming it as caloriesuae in the Arab.
The right foundation: This is a product that can make or break your makeup look. Having the perfect foundation, with the right consistency in your spot-on shade, is a must-have. It acts as a base and helps in providing the perfect makeup finish.
Face cleanser: To remove any dirt, particles, or toxins from your face, the right cleanser is mandatory. Always make sure to clean your face before you apply makeup. Not only that, use a cleanser even after you have removed your makeup to radiate your skin.
Under-eye concealer: Almost all of us are attacked with dark circles and wrinkles under the eye after a certain age, due to the restless nights and overworking. Having the right under eye concealer that matches your skin tone can be a savior. Not only it will enhance your entire makeup look, but will also smooth out the under-eye detailing.
Hydrating lip balm: The skin on our lips is the softest and most fragile. Keeping it moisturized the entire time is crucial. To get rid of the chapped lips and keep them shining 24*7, make sure that you always have a lip balm handy.
Exfoliator: Traveling, working under the sun, and going places ends up leaving dead skin on our face. Get an exfoliator and make that an essential in your life! It helps removing dead skin and also rejuvenates your dermis.
Perfume: As much as necessary your makeup is for you to good look, it is equally imperative to smell wonderful! Always have a scent that smells divine!
Blow dryer: To style your hair seamlessly, always have a blow dryer in your makeup closet. It not only helps in drying your wet hair super-fast but gives it a sleek finish. You can either achieve a straight hair look from a blow dryer or a slightly wavy one. All in all, it is a versatile beauty essential that is extremely useful!

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director

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