Beard Hacks

March 18, 2021 in in Lifestyle

Everybody loves a crisp, aligned beard. It transforms any look and goes incredibly well with any outfit! However, it is not very easy to maintain the perfect beard and, at times, becomes a task. It requires regular trimming, cleaning, and the use of essential oils, too.

Have you ever been on a lunch with somebody important and wanted to look your best, but it just was not the best beard day for you? Well, we have all been there.

To solve the problem of having the perfect beard, we bring you the best beard hacks ever! At restaurants, if you have ever come across a situation of trying to bite right Dubai special shawarmas, and got a piece of shredded meat hanging by your beard, you need to follow these 6 incredible beard hacks:

Keep your beard soft with beard shampoo and beard oils: Nobody likes a rough patch on your face. The harshness of your beard can put people off, and carry pieces of food you don’t want sticking right there. Many beard shampoos and oils in the market help you maintain your beard, make them smell nice, and keep them soft throughout. Next time when you wash your hair, remember to wash your beard too!
Always clean your sideburns: Make sure to clean your sideburns regularly (daily, if needed), if you wish to ace that stunning sharp look in your next office meeting!
Train your beard: To give your beard the right direction to grow in, and make it look sleek, train it! Condition your beard and comb it towards a particular direction, so that it only grows in that direction and not elsewhere.
Use mustache wax on occasions: While dressing up, style your beard too. Well, not literally. Use mustache wax on your beard as you throw on your tuxedo, to give your bead an extra subtle touch and the formal vibe.
Use hairspray to fight humidity: If you live in a humid region, the south, for example, it is usual for your beard to look slumpy and sloppy. Use hairspray on days when you cannot control to have your beard all curled up.
Fill in your patchy beard with eyeshadow: If you have a patchy beard and are tired of the little bald spots in between, use the matte black eyeshadow (or any other color, according to your beard’s hair color) to fill in the empty spaces. Filling them with a brush gives an illusion of a fuller beard and puts together the entire look!

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director

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