4 Health Fads You Need to Know

March 21, 2021 in in Lifestyle

If taking care of your body and health is important for you, you should know of the following top 4 health fads:

Eating healthy, but not exercising
Not exercising, Thinking it’s ok because of your “superior” diet. Even if you have a good diet you should consider adding some physical activity. Exercise drops your heart disease risk by almost half. It also helps with cancer, diabetes, depression and weight management. If you don’t have time to exercise, just move more!

Juicing your veggies and fruits
Many do that because it seems to be the “IN” thing to do. But did you know that you feel hungrier faster when you drink rather than eat your veggies? This means you’ll be more likely to overeat with juicing rather than if you ate your veggies raw. Plus, juicing removes the skin of the fruit which drops the fiber content that you consume!

Going for programs that make you lose weight fast
Be careful from anything that promises rapid weight loss or those extraordinary claims that are “too good to be true”. Rapid weight loss makes you lose lean muscle and slows down your metabolism. You will also miss out on key nutrients and eventually your body will be tired and exhausted.
If you want to lose weight, aim for one pound a week as a safe, healthier and achievable goal.
Consider speaking to a nutritionist to guide you with your weight loss journey and set your goal expectations. make a plan that you can stick to long term.

Avoiding carbs because they make you gain weight
Very low carb diets like keto fitness food factory are very popular these days. However, It is not a sustainable diet plan, its long term health benefits and safety are still questioned. Plus, most people re-grain the weight they lose not a long-term effect-reason that many people gain back the weight. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy, so this plan may cut out nutrients your body needs. If you want to be healthy, focus on having balanced meals that include whole grains, fruits, lean protein, a variety of colorful vegetables, and plenty of water.

Written by Jemarie Carino, Nutritionist

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