All You Need To Know About Food & Mental Health

August 11, 2021 in in Food

There is a strong connection between diet and mental health. An unhealthy diet has been shown to be one of the risk factors for many mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Below are the most commonly asked questions when it comes to this topic:

Does Eating Unhealthy Cause Deterioration of Mental Health?

Food is not the main reason of deterioration of mental health but definitely play a role in severity of symptoms. For example, a diet high in refined sugars has been shown to worsen mood disorders, depression and ADHD. A poor diet combined with a deficiency of certain vitamins like D and B causes depression. A diet low in carbs was found to help children with epilepsy!

Can Foods Elevate Our Mood?

When it comes to mood, if you look online, you will find “foods that improve mood”. These are known to elevate serotonin, our feel-good hormone… But I don’t think if you’re in a bad mood and you have oats (which is in the list of food for better mood), your mood will lift up magically.
Instead, there are strategies that help improve our mood with food by balancing our blood sugar levels. First, you have to be consistent with healthy eating. You can’t decide to eat healthy today but take a break tomorrow and after tomorrow! Second, you lively need to have a structure in your food pattern (not skipping meals). Finally, try eating balanced meals (protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fats on every meal)

Can Certain Foods Cure Psychiatric Conditions?

Foods cannot be a substitute for psychiatric medications. An alternative to psychiatric medications may be a combination of a healthy food, exercise and therapy. A healthy plan should be from a nutritionist customized to meet your body needs and requirements. Second, any form of activity or exercise that makes you feel good is definitely helpful. Finally, studies examining the effect of therapy versus certain medication to help treat psychological illnesses found therapy to be as effective (if not better) than certain medications – which may have side effects!

To summarize, the best diet for mental health is eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Simple. Well-balanced means same proportion of healthy carbs, protein and healthy fats! While most of us tend to eat carbs more.

Written by Dona Maria Mesmar, Nutrition Manager
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