5 Nutrition Tips for A Healthy Skin

September 29, 2021 in in Food

If your skin is dry, it may be thirsty. Hydrating our skin means increasing its water content. If your skin is dehydrated, it can appear flaky, dull, and dry. Hydrated skin is smooth, radiant, and has an even tone. To achieve this, you need to quench your skin’s thirst from time to time.

Below are 5 top nutrition tips for a healthy skin:

1. Drink More Water
Drinking 2 liters of water each day helps your skin look healthy and hydrated. You can also get water through fruits like watermelon, orange, papaya, and you can also hydrate your skin through fatty acids, like those found in avocado, olive oil, salmon.

2. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol
Consuming alcohol and caffeine often can dry your skin. Deficiency of Vitamin A and C also contributes to the dryness of skin where in increasing intake of spinach, broccoli, and sweet potato can help.

3. More Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps fend off the signs of aging because of its vital role in the body’s natural collagen synthesis. It helps heal damaged skin faster and can also help repair and prevent dry skin. You can find this on a variety of berries and fruits such as cantaloupe, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, pineapple, brussels sprouts.

4. Avoid Sugary Products and Unhealthy Fatty Foods
Minimizing or cutting sugary or unhealthy fatty foods helps prevent acne. These foods have been found to cause inflammation in the skin and cause spikes in the hormones that regulate sebum production, an increase in the amount of sebum produced can correlate to blockage of sebaceous glands and the development of acne.

5. Go For More Antioxidant-Rich Foods
Dull skin is often caused by oxidative stress from our fuelfull environments, such as exposure to pollutants and pesticides. Antioxidant foods help fight against oxidative stress and also dull skin. Antioxidant rich- foods are found in berries, artichokes, pecans, kale and spinach.

Written by Jemarie Carino, KCAL Nutritionist
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