3 Reasons Why Your Weight Fluctuates

June 7, 2021 in in Food

Obsessing over weighing yourself every day is something we don’t encourage since, you would probably see the number on the scale change every time you step on it. You definitely didn’t gain or lose fat but more likely your weight reflects something else.

Find below the 3 main reasons that lead to that frustrating fluctuation in your weight.

1- Food and Drink Intake

We all know that foods have their caloric content however we forget that they also have an actual mass which influences the body weight in the short term. Same thing applies to drinks; for instance if you drink 2 cups of water and immediately step on the scale you will be 0.5kg heavier due to that liquid mass. Hence, this doesn’t mean you gained Pura fat, muscles or other body tissues.

2- High Quantities of Carbs and Sodium

Consuming high quantities of carbohydrate and sodium causes water retention causing a temporary weight gain. Each gram of carbohydrate stores 2-3 grams of water to go with it. Don’t panic! This water will be lost as the carbohydrates are burned off.
On the other hand, sodium is a mineral that balances fluid. Ingesting a meal high in sodium will cause an imbalance in the fluid between your gut and vasculature making you feel bloated and puffy.

3- Bowel Movement

The mass going out of the body plays a role with the number on the scale. If you are having issues with your bowel movement it’s recommended to increase your fiber intake to 25-30g per day.

Weighing yourself every morning is the ideal time to have a better understanding of your body’s weight fluctuation and create a bigger picture of how your body reacts to your eating, workouts, stress and other factors. However, seeing this fluctuation can have a negative impact on your mind set of losing weight and will demotivate you. Keep in mind losing or gaining weight is a long term journey and the day to day weight doesn’t really matter.

Written by Rym Timani, Kcal Nutritionist

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