Fitness- Online Apps are Gaining in Importance

March 18, 2021 in in Fitness

Since the pandemic hit the entire world, most of us are confined to our homes. Gyms were shut for quite some time, and there was no choice for us, but to opt for home workouts. However, home workouts are not as easy as they may seem. Not all of us have the right equipment or are equipped with the proper techniques and forms of exercise. This increases the chances of injury.

This is when online apps came into action and gained so much importance! Along with having a routine where we not only eat well Dubai famous meals that are healthy but also make the regular home workout a habit is essential.

Here are few top benefits of online fitness applications:

Easy progress track: Mobile applications are advanced systems that help you keep a regular and easy track of your progress. You can compare your current workout statistics to that of last day, week, or even month.
Properly planned workouts: These applications are properly designed workout plans for each body type and goal. They provide the right technique for each exercise, so you do not end up hurting yourself.
Free workout ideas: Not everybody is a gym expert. But these apps make it possible for you to know all about exercising by providing you with free workout ideas. It helps you try new moves that might suit your body type.
Set realistic goals and reminders: Through these fitness applications, you can set realistic goals for your body and weight training, too. Those apps will store the maximum weight you target to lift, or the bodyweight you want to achieve by the end of the month, and they also remind you about your goals from time to time.
Have your yoga class in your pockets: Not everybody can afford an exquisite yoga class to remain fit. These mobile fitness applications have made it possible for you to have your yoga studio right in your pockets. Sometimes they are free of charge and other times they charge a small subscription fee to view the classes. But the price is worth the material you get!
Track your meals: The ones who are serious about their fitness, follow a strict diet plan. However, it is not always possible to remember each and every detail of what we ate. These fitness applications help monitor our meals throughout the day, and some apps even provide the calorie count to keep a systemized track.

Written by Lauren Jacobsen, Nutrition Director
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