6 Reasons You Probably Need a Meal Plan

September 11, 2018 in in Lifestyle

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” right? Well, maybe it’s time to start eating good, nutritious, healthy meals … we can hear your sighing and running through the excuses…

I’m too busy, I can’t cook, I hate going to the supermarket, I have no idea what I should be eating to lose weight…

Stop it!

There is no more time for excuses, this is it. Time to kick start a truly healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that if you plan and prep your meals ahead of time you are less likely to snack and eat unhealthily? It’s true! Plus, if you’ve got those meals being prepared and delivered to your door, well, that’s even easier!

So, do you need a meal plan? Well, do any of these sound like you:

1. You’re busy, busy, busy. Whether it’s running from meeting to meeting, bouncing between social engagements or just overrun with errands and chores a meal plan has you covered. No planning, no shopping and best of all no cooking!

2. You’ve got an important event on the horizon, a graduation, a wedding or just your annual family reunion. You really want to look your best but the stress of everything is making you snack like a crazy person! A meal plan gives you three meals a day and two snacks that will keep you from grazing while helping you wow your friends and family with your new look!

3. You’ve got a little one running around the house, draining all of your energy and desire to cook and just thinking about finding time to work out leaves you exhausted. Fear not! A meal plan will have everything you need delivered to your door so you have one less thing to worry about!

4. You’ve got a big interview or meeting coming up, or maybe there’s a promotion on the horizon and you want to look sharp when the boss announces it but you’re struggling to shift the last few kilos. Don’t worry, meal plan to the rescue!

5. You’ve treated yourself over the holidays and indulged in all your favourite things, from mum’s home cooking to extravagant dinners, now you need to shift those happy holiday kilos. Don’t stress about it, a meal plan will help you get back on the wagon.

6. Can’t cook, won’t cook? Forget about it. A meal plan means no cooking and no washing up!

So, are you ready to take those first steps? Just click here to get started.

Written by Kimberly Gammage

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