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Kcal Meal Plans came about as a natural extension of the Kcal restaurants. They are a collection of comprehensive weight and nutrition management plans which deliver bespoke healthy meals directly to your door to help you reach your fitness, weight and lifestyle goals.

With Kcal Meal Plans you can eat the food you love while developing a healthy and enjoyable eating style, increasing your energy levels through nutritious food, as wells as build a more balanced lifestyle.
We have over 21,000 happy customer who love how Kcal Meal Plans help them! Check out some of their success stories and how effective a Kcal Meal Plan can be here:

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All our monthly plans are bespoke and designed for your individual needs and personal goals. Our expert Kcal nutritionists are dedicated to creating plans that find the perfect balance between menu variety, nutrition, hunger control and convenience. In addition, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager to make sure you’re enjoying the journey from start to finish. Kcal food doesn’t just provide healthier options. Our food is healthy, wholesome, nutritious and tasty, full stop! We place a heavy emphasis on the best super foods in each food group and precisely measure the proteins, fats, carbs and calories to ensure you get all the nutrients you need for optimal wellbeing. Our results really do speak for themselves!
هدفنا الأول والأخير هو أن تحضى بنمط حياة صحي ومثالي! نقدم لك النصائح اللازمة والعون والمساعدة كلما احتجت إليها فتتمكن من الوصول إلى الوزن الذي تريد ونمط الحياة الذي ترغب به. برنامجنا واحد وهو برنامجك، إننا لا نستخف بدورنا لأننا خير العالمين بأمور الصحة والحيوية. عندها فقط يمكنك أن تستمتع بنمط حياة صحي مليء بالحيوية.
We have clients from all walks of life who have one thing in common: the desire to invest in their health. Whether that’s weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain there’s a Kcal plan made to achieve their goal.
من أجل الحصول على بعض المعلومات الأساسية قبل البدء، عندها يمكننا تصميم خدمات تتماشى خصيصاً مع متطلباتك. بالإضافة إلى ذلك نحن بحاجة إلى بياناتك لكي نتواصل معك من أجل توصيل الطعام إلى المكان الذي ترغب فيه وفي الوقت الذي يلائمك.
Simply click here and complete the 2-minutes sign up form. On the right hand side of the form, there’s a step-by-step guide to help you. You can also call 800-39872 or email mealplans@kcallife.com for support from a member of the Kcal team.
If you select "Plan without consultation", we can start your plan in as little as three business days. If you select the "Plan with consultation", your plan will start around three business days after your initial appointment with a Kcal nutritionist. You can click here and check the next available date for a consultation.
When you sign up for a Kcal meal plan you commit to at least four weeks of deliveries (which you can pause at any time).
You can also choose how many days a week you’d like your deliveries:
  • 5 days a week
  • 6 days a week
  • 7 days a week
We're serious about helping you reach your weight loss goals. By meeting with a Kcal nutritionist, we can learn about your food preferences, eating habits and lifestyle. During the consultation we will also provide the InBody analysis which provides us with a complete review of your current weight, body composition and metabolism. This analysis helps Kcal nutritionist provide you with a fair assessment of what your goals should be and how your diet should be structured for even better results.
Not interested in the full assessment? Simply select "Plan without consultation" on our sign up page. You'll be asked to tell us about any food intolerances, likes and dislikes when completing the form. Have questions? We can also arrange for a Kcal nutritionist to give you call before starting your plan.
If you signed up for "Plan with consultation", you’ll have a scheduled weigh-in appointment before your plan ends. We recommend you book this 3 to 4 days in advance of your plan ending. Simply visit your e-tools and select a time and date that suits your schedule. If you chose "Plan without consultation", we recommend you weigh yourself once a week at a consistent time (preferably in the morning) to avoid any normal daily weight fluctuations that commonly occur.
We have three different meal plans, each designed for specific goals including weight loss, weight and nutrition maintenance and muscle gain and recovery. Kcal nutritionists are on hand to ensure you select the right plan for you based on your optimal daily calorie intake, age, height, current weight, gender and activity level. Our lowest calorie level is 1,000 calories per day and our highest is 2,300 calories.
The amount of weight you lose depends on a number of factors including your age, activity level, amount of exercise, medical conditions and starting weight. Most Kcal Meal Plans customers lose anything from 3 to 8 kilos per month. Ultimately, your results depend on YOU and your commitment. We’re serious about helping you. How serious are you about helping yourself? (*)
In most cases, a person’s weight is directly related to their lifestyle so the first factor to consider when trying to lose weight, is a change in lifestyle. At Kcal Meal Plans, we help you to look at food in different ways and support you in making small dietary and lifestyle changes that have lasting results. We replace processed and artificial foods with foods that are natural, wholesome and nutrient-rich.
You can stay on a meal plan for as long as you want. Kcal meal plans aren’t designed to be a fast fix. They’re about building a lifestyle. Our plans are delicious and convenient and once you’ve reached your initial goals you can stay on a plan that fits your current weight and nutrition needs.
In order to change and form healthy habits, Kcal Meal Plans are carefully calculated for a minimum 4-week period. Can’t commit to a full month? No problem. We have a weekly delivery service from our Kcal Healthy Fast Food restaurants. Whilst this weekly meal delivery service doesn’t exactly provide the same comprehensive benefits as Kcal Meal Plans, it still ensures you eat delicious, nutritious and wholesome foods at every meal. You can register by clicking here.
At Kcal Meal Plans, our goal isn’t just to help you lose weight. We want to help you maintain your weight loss as well. We do this by giving you the tools you need for continued success. We help you develop a healthy relationship with food and support you in building an active and balanced lifestyle.
With Kcal Meal Plans, you’ll enjoy a rich variety of delicious and nutritious, healthy meals. It won’t take long for you to reap the rewards and you’ll feel a marked increase in energy levels. In addition, we support you in reaching your target weight goal and provide you with all the necessary tools to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Put simply, with Kcal Meal Plans you’ll feel great!

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All Kcal Meal Plans menus are carefully designed to ensure you enjoy the optimum quantity of carbs, protein, fat, calories, nutrients and vitamins throughout the day. If you would like to exclude some of the meals, please get in touch and we can discuss options.
As you know, you can't lose weight in just one day. You need a plan and with Kcal Meal Plans, you can enjoy a complete monthly meal plan. Our plans are designed around three meals and two snacks a day, up to 7 days a week. If you follow our guidance, you’ll see a difference in a remarkably short space of time. If you’d like to sample our food before committing, why not drop by a Kcal restaurant? Click here to see our locations.
We have different plans to choose from depending on your goals and preferences. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, maintaining your weight or gaining muscle, we have a plan for you.
بكل تأكيد! إنه برنامج “الصحة”. حيث يتراوح عدد السعرات الحرارية فيه بين ١٤٠٠ و ١٨٠٠ وهذا كفيل بالمحافظة على وزنك المثالي وعلى نمط حياة صحي.
إن برنامج “الرياضي” هو البرنامج الأمثل لك! حيث يتراوح عدد السعرات الحرارية فيه بين ١٨٠٠ و ٢٣٠٠ فتمدك بطاقة كافية للتمرن بقوة ولتحقق هدفك.
سنقوم بتوصيل ٣ وجبات أساسية ووجبتان خفيفتان، وجبة للفطور، وجبة للغداء وأخرى للعشاء بالإضافة وجبتان خفيفتان.
ما عليك سوى التواصل مع مدير حسابك وإعلامه أو طلب تجميد برنامجك عبر -إي تولز- من خلال موقعنا الإلكتروني. يلزمنا أقله ٣ أيام عمل لتجميد حسابك. ستيم زيادة الأيام المتبقية إلى حسابك ونستأنف التوصيل اليك عند عودتك.
When signing up on our website, we’ll ask you about your likes, dislikes and allergies and if having a consultation with a Kcal nutritionist, you’ll discuss these at your appointment. Your bespoke meal plan will be planned around your preferences.
ما عليك سوى تبليغ مدير حسابك بأي تغيير تريده على قائمة طعامك فيتم تبديلها خلال ٣ أيام عمل كما يمكنك فعل ذلك بنفسك من خلال إي تولز على موقعنا الإلكتروني.
A Kcal nutritionist builds your menu plan according to your required calorie intake, goals, needs, dislikes and allergies. Once your menu is created, it will be emailed to you for your approval. If you dislike a particular dish, we can swap it for another with similar nutritional values. You can also do this on your e-tools page on our website.
عبر موقعنا الإلكتروني ومن خلال -إي تولز- نؤمن لك خيارت عديدة حيث يمكنك طلب أو تغير برنامجك. وبعدها سيقوم مدير حسابك بتحديث تلك التغيرات ويعلمك إن تخطيت عدد السعرات الحراية المسموح بها.
نقدم خدماتنا في جميع أنحاء دبي، و أبوظبي، و الشارقة، والعين، وعجمان، وأم القيوين و رأس الخيمة مجاناً.
التوصيلات يومية، مقسمة إلى مرحلتين: الصباحية تبدأ من الساعة ٤ فجراً وحتى ٩ صباحاً، ومرحلة بعد الظهر من الساعة ٤ بعد الظهر وحتى ١٠ مساءً. إن سائقو طلبات التوصيل يوصلون الوجبات إلى الأماكن التي تحددها وفي حال لم تتواجد في المكان المذكور يمكننا ترك طلبيتك عند الباب أو نوصلها إلى مكان آخر.
نعم يمكننا ذلك، عندما تتم عملية التسجيل، الرجاء ذكر عنوان مكتبك تحت خانة معلومات التوصيل. إذا كنت ترغب بتغير عنوان عملك يلزمنا يوما عمل لإتمام ذلك.
Each Kcal Meal Plans plan is individually priced. Our lowest calorie plan starts from AED 3,100.
We ask for AED 200 as a refundable deposit for a Kcal Meal Plans chiller bag as experience has shown that our customers love our bags so much, that they’re often reluctant to return them!
نقبل معظم طرق الدفع التي تناسبك، الدفع النقدي وبطاقات الإئتمان أو حتى الشيكات. يمكنك الدفع عبر الموقع الإلكتروني من خلال بطاقة الإئمان أو بطاقة السحب الآلي أو حتى يمكنك دفعها في مركزنا الرئيسي أو تطلب من أحد سائقينا بأن يحصل المبلغ من أي مكان داخل دبي. الرجاء أخذ العلم بأن ستيم إحتساب مبلغ وقدره ٤٥ درهماً عن الدفع بواسطة البطاقات من خلال سائقينا.
يتوفر لدينا عدد من الخصومات على العروض (تطبق الشروط والأحكام):
  • العائلة الصحية (خصم ١٠٪) للعائلات فيستمتعوا بالبرامج الصحية سوياً.
  • Refer a friend (AED 200 off for each referral upon renewal): as a thank you for spreading the word about Kcal Meal Plans
  • شريك في الصحة: (خصم ١٠٪ للشهر الأول): للشركات التي ترغب في أن تكون شريكة صحية لكي كال إكسترا (تواصل مع قسم شؤون الموظفين في شركتك إذا أردت أن تصبح شركة شريكة صحية مع كي كال إكسترا)
  • إشتراك مطوّل: (خصم يصل إلى١٠٪ ): لكل من يريد تمديد فترة الإشتراك لتصل إلى ٨ أو ١٢ أسبوع.
نوصيك بأن تحافظ دائما على ترطيب جسمك من خلال شرب ٢ إلى ٣ ليتر من الماء يومياً. وعندما ترغب في تناول الشاي أو القهوة حاول إستهلاكها بدون سكر.
طوال فترة برنامجك ننصحك بعدم تناول الطعام خارجاً عند الغداء أو العشاء. لأن خسارة وزنك تهمنا ونريك أن تحقق مبتغاك وأن تستمتع قدر المستطاع بالنتائج.
Your Kcal meal plan has been created for you and is designed to provide you with all the carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you body needs. Regular well-balanced meals regulate your blood sugar levels, which in turn reduce cravings and hunger levels. It should just take a few days for your body to adjust to your new diet but following that, if you still feel hungry, please speak to a Kcal nutritionist and your plan can be amended.
At Kcal Meal Plans, we make it our mission to deliver exceptional customer service and to always go that extra mile. Every client is designated an experienced account manager whose job it is to ensure your time spent with Kcal Meal Plans is one to remember. We intentionally limit the numbers of clients assigned to each account manager to ensure you receive the service you deserve.
أن نظام تغذية صحية يتماشى يداً بيد مع نمط حياة نشط، فمن المؤكد إن التمارين الرياضية تلعب دوراً هاماً في حصولك على نمط حياة صحي. يسعدنا أن نرشدك إلى شركات متخصصة في تقديم الخدمات الرياضية فتحصل على سعر زبائن كي كال الخاص. كما نود إعلامكم إن تلك الشركات تعمل بشكل منفرد وليست تحت إدارتنا.
بكل بساطة وبسهولة تامة استخدم الميكروويف لتسخين الوجبات، وما عليك سوى إتباع التعليمات المذكورة على الملصق. عندما تبدأ معنا سنقوم بإرسال كتيب تعليمات يحتوي على كافة المعلومات اللازمة.
If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please send us an enquiry here or call us on 800-39872 and we’ll be happy to help.

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